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Increase online bookings with Smart Digital Menu

Never miss a single booking opportunity. Connect all your digital business profiles to get more online bookings.

Whatsapp Account

Share the menu with your customers in Whatsapp.

Social Media Accounts

Add to your Google my business, Facebook, Instagram handles.

SMS/Email Promotions

Share the menu with the offer messages you send.

Business Website

Add to your website as smart booking widget.

Digital Receipts

Share the booking link/QR code in all digital receipts.

Print Advertising

Add a QR code of the smart menu in all the print collaterals.

Smart Digital Menu

Welns Smart Digital Menu

Key features of Smart Digital Menu

The best and the only features your customers need to get the best online booking experience.

Collect online payment

Get payments from customers while as a full payment or minimum order value they book services online.

Block spam booking

Spam bookings can blocked by making the customer pay a minimum order value for the services.

Automated reminders

Send multiple reminders and updates on services via SMS, Email and Whatsapp channel to reduce no show.

Sell gift vouchers

Along with services you can sell gift vouchers and allow redemption in customers next vist.

Realtime staff availability

Customers can get realtime updates on the next available staff and time. Give customers a best booking experience.

Regular Updates

Send customers updates on discount in services, happy hours and all sorts of updates to increase visit frequency.

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Manage online bookings at ease

Welns is powered by miosalon lite - a fully free appointment management software with no staff limits or appointment limits. You can manage the appointments with smart menu integrated miosalon lite.

manage online bookings

Smart features

A complete Miosalon Lite feature list

The complete list of feature list of Miosalon Lite - a free back-end software for welns Smart Digital Menu.

Schedule appointment

  • Enable 24/7 booking
  • Manage recurring appointments
  • Setup multi-sitting package
  • Book staff, resources & equipments
  • Capture client notes & consent form
  • Automated appointment reminders via text, email & Whatsapp
  • Confirm appointment with 2 way text
  • Multiple reminders via sms


  • Sell services, products
  • Redeem promotional vouchers
  • Accept mixed payment mode
  • Payments & dues
  • View instant client profile
  • Apply flexible discounts
  • Tab and Mobile friendly UI


  • Run personalised SMS & Email campaign
  • Redeem loyalty points & vouchers
  • Filter audience by time, service, product, satisfaction, staff, age, gender & more
  • Design discounts, happy hours, seasonal offers & more
  • Run mass campaign with your own email and SMS


  • Run personalized SMS & Email campaign
  • Filter audience by time, service, product, satisfaction, staff, age, gender & more
  • Design Happy hours, next visit vouchers, seasonal offers, etc
  • Run mass campaign with your own email and SMS accounts

Customize Report

  • Get most popular out-of-box reports Sales, Revenue, Product, Services, Staff, Customer and more reports.
  • No-limit on customization
  • Fine data to aggregated data
  • Centralized and 360 customer profile.

Collect Feedback

  • Automate feedback request after invoice or appointment
  • Collect feedback against the staff and services of the appointment

Operational Management Modules

  • Retail Product inventory management
  • Expense management
  • Employee management
  • Client management
  • Incentive management
  • Cash registry

Client Management

  • Manage Client 360 Profile
  • Track Client Notes
  • Track Clients Preferred Staff
  • Send Personalised Offers
  • Send Automated Birthday/Anniversary Wishes & Offers

Staff Management

  • Staff working schedule
  • Staff login access
  • Staff notification

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I manage the appointment?
Welns.io is powered by MioSalon Lite, a free spa and salon management software. All the bookings made by your client in Welns.io will be captured in the MioSalon Lite appointment calendar, You can use MioSalon Lite to process the appointment or copy it to your accounting software.
Yes, of course, Welns.io can operate independently of your operational software. You & your staff will be notified of new appointments, upon on which your staff can copy the appointment from MioSalon to your Primary Software on a new booking to manage all appointments in one place. Welns.io & MioSalon Lite together can act as an additional new client acquisition platform.